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60,55 EUR*
Details Faerie Poppets Dekofigur 'Honeysuckle Faerie / Fee mit Heckenkirsche'

Faerie Poppets Dekofigur 'Honeysuckle Faerie / Fee mit Heckenkirsche'

8,99 EUR*
Details Lament: The Faerie Queen's Deception (Gathering of Faerie (Paperback))

Lament A dark faerie fantasy that features authentic Celtic faerie lore, "Lament" follows 16-year-old Dierdre Monaghan, who discovers that she is a cloverhand--one who can see faeries. Dierdre soon finds herself trapped in the middle of a centuries ...

18,50 EUR*
Details Faerie Glen - Fee - Elfe - Tresotyme

Faerie Glen - Fee - Elfe - Tresotyme Aus dem Hause Munro Die Serie Faerie Glen Größe: 15cm Farbe: bunt Material: Polyresin

17,99 EUR*
Details Deep Within a Faerie Forest

Gary STADLER & Wendy RULE Deep Within A Faerie Forest CD

40,14 EUR*
Details Faerie Symphony [Shm-CD]

Tom Newman - Faerie Symphony [Japan LTD Mini LP SHM-CD] UICY-75651

13,01 EUR*
Details Reflections of Faerie

Gary STADLER Reflections Of Faerie CD

19,86 EUR*
Details Aerie Faerie Nonsense

THE ENID Aerie Faerie Nonsense CD

8,68 EUR*
Details Chronicles of Faerie: The Hunter's Moon: The Chronicles of Faerie

American Gwen and her Irish cousin, Findabhair, have long planned a summer of backpacking around Ireland, visiting sites out of the old legends of fairy folk. Little do they know that it is the summer of the Hunter's Moon, a dangerous time for mortals ...

10,72 EUR*
Details Kiss the Wind: Understanding the Elementals and Faeries

Kiss the Wind Do you know the difference between elementals, faeries and elves? In "Kiss the Wind: Understanding the Elementals and Faeries," this usually ignored difference is explored and revealed. These separate species impact the Earth in a way ...

82,85 EUR*
Details Munro - narcia Faerie Glen

Die Feen von Faerie Glen sind handbemalte Gießharz mit transparent Fee Flügel. Die Manschettenknöpfe messen circa 12,7-15,2 cm hoch. Die Einzelheiten zu diesen Zahlen sind erstaunlich, skurril und Spaß. Ein echter Schatz.

12,87 EUR*
Details The Vale of the Faeries (Veil Trilogy)

The Vale of the Faeries Continuing supernatural adventures as the Arkwright twins are drawn into the world of fairy tales and folklore. Full description

5,26 EUR*
Details Following Magic (The Faeries' Promise, Band 2)

Following Magic A continuation of National Book Award finalist Duey's chapter book series, The Faeries' Promise, a companion to her popular "The Unicorn's Secret." Illustrations. Full description

17,70 EUR*
Details Through the Faerie Glass: A Look at the Realm of Unseen and Enchanted Beings

Through the Faerie Glass Contrary to today's sanitized depictions, the pixies, elves, wood nymphs, and other magical creatures embodied in folklore can be quite nasty. This book draws on folkloric myth, song, and sagas - to reveal faeries' true nature ...